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The Post House is a bit of a play on words. Sure it's a production company, but it is also very literally a house. Founded by industry experts and husband and wife, Jordan and Ally bring over 30 years of post production experience to help you achieve your production goals.


But how can a team of two handle volume spikes in production needs with competing deadlines? We lean on family! Okay, maybe not actual family, but close to it. We've worked along side some very amazing retouchers for the last decade and are happy to bring them onboard when things pick up. We know how important quality is to our brands so we are very selective in who we work with to ensure that quality is maintained entirely.

Ally has held roles including Production Artist, Retoucher and Senior Retoucher and Jordan has had roles including Production Artist, Senior Retoucher/Producer and Retouching Manager. During these years the two have had the opportunity to work directly with some great brands including: Bombas, NY&Co, Skims, Aeropostale, Rivian, Rhone, JC Penny, Reza, Draper James, Tumi, OVO, Dressbarn, Maurices, DVF, and many more!   

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